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Agoonoree History

In 1957 a group of senior scouts - including Eric 'Birdie' Martin -from the Hull area attended the London Agoonoree, near Rugby, to offer their assistance. By 1958 the ACC (Handicapped) was Mrs Dora Slack and together with a like minded team which included; her husband Cecil Slack, Freddie Chapman (Leader of Camp Service Team), Mary Price (Nurse), Eleanor Hewitt (Nurse), Marjorie Byles (Staff Mess Tent), Allan 'Skip' Taylor (I.C. Camp Programme), Eric Martin (Camp Leader), John Allison and John Glenton (each ran patrols), Alf Jensen (Camp Cook), Arthur Monday (Cook) and a group of helpers known affectionately as 'SLAVES' included; John Marris, Ron Smith and John Todd, they put plans together and ran the first Yorkshire Agoonoree which was held in 1960 at Pateley Bridge. Since that time the camp has been run annually and until the mid-nineties was attended by Allan Taylor and John Glenton from the original team. Without these people many disabled scouts from all over Yorkshire would not have had some of their most treasured memories and a debt is owed by many to their endeavour and enthusiasm in setting up a tradition which still runs successfully to this day.
Over the years the camp has had a number of Camp Leaders, which has included Allan Taylor who ran the camp until the mid 1990's when Mike Shakesby took up the challenge until due to ill-health he handed the job to Anthony, his son. In 2005 Steve Caulfield took on the job and together with a very experienced team is currently planning the 48th Annual Agoonoree, which is to be held at Bradley Wood, Brighouse in West Yorkshire in August 2007.

The camps in order have been

1960 - Bewerley Park, Pateley Bridge
1961 - Welburn Hall, Kirby Moorside
1962 - Linton School - Grassington
1963 - Hunmanby School
1964 - Stancliffe Hall School, Darley Dale
1965 - Bewerley Park, Pateley Bridge
1966 - Carlton Camp School
1967 - Linton School, Grassington
1968 - Morris Grange, Sotch Corner
1969 - Stancliffe Hall School, Darley Dale
1970 - Wennington School, Wetherby
1971 - Hesley Wood, Sheffield
1972 - Hunmanby School
1973 - Carlton Camp School
1974 - Etton Pasture School
1975 - Rolston Camp, Hornsea
1976 - Snowball Plantation, York
1977 - Raywell Parl, Cottingham
1978 - Hunmanby School
1979 - Snowball Plantation, York
1980 - Norton Youth Centre, Malton
1981 - Hesley Hall School, Tickhill
1982 - Welburn Hall School, Kirby Moorside
1983 - Henshaw School, Harrogate
1984 - Northfield School, York
1985 - Hesley Hall School, Tickhill
1986 - Henshaw School, Harrogate
1987 - Kisimul School, Harrogate
1988 - Henshaw School, Harrogate
1989 - Ian Tetley School, Harrogate
1990 - Breckenbrough School, Thirsk
1991 - Hesley Hall School, Tickhill
1992 - Breckenbrough School, Thirsk
1993 - Ian Tetley School, Harrogate
1994 - Henshaw School, Harrogate
1995 - Hesley Hall School, Tickhill
1996 - Breckenbrough School, Thirsk
1997 - Silcoates School, Wakefield
1998 - Breckenbrough School, Thirsk
1999 - Raywell Park, Cottingham
2000 - Silverwood Camp, Barnsley
2001 - Cherry Garth, Grimsby
2002 - Cherry Garth, Grimsby
2003 - Bramhope Scout Camp, Leeds
2004 - Snowball Plantation, York
2005 - Bramhope Scout Camp, Leeds
2006 - Bailwood, Aldbrough
2007 - Bradley Wood, Brighouse



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